Conference Wrap-Up

Mr. Grant Schneider, Deputy Director for Information Management and Chief Information Officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency started the 2011 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference off with a bang with the announcement that Osama Bin Laden was neutralized by Navy SEAL Team Six. After the cheers died down, Mr. Schneider went on to outline the three things that he wanted conference attendees to think about and work on during the week. These goals included: governance in the groups and organizations and how we do governance; how we can leverage technologies to reduce and drive out costs; and understanding how others are doing secure collaboration within their organization.

Mr. John “Mike” McConnell, Executive Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton and former U.S. Director of National Intelligence followed up Mr. Schneider’s speech with the symbolic lighting of a cigar, in celebration of the death of the al Qaeda leader.

After a short break, Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess, Jr., Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency joined the conference via VTC.

After lunch, the conference broke into 8 breakout sessions and 4 training labs. The breakout sessions were broken down by focused tracks. The tracks were: Applications, Enterprise, ODNI, Partners, Infrastructure Technology, Cyber Security, Reinvention, and Future Technology.

On Tuesday, speeches were given by Mr. Terry Kline, VP and CIO for General Motors, Mr. Richard Hunter, VP, Gartner and Dr. David McQueeney, VP of Software Research, IBM Research. In addition to these presenters, the IC CIO Executive Panel took the stage to discuss the strategy to enable secure collaboration and information sharing to enhance mission focused capabilities. Members from OUSD(I), CIA, DIA, NRO, DHS, DoD, FBI, and NSA were represented.

In the afternoon, attendees went back to work in the breakout sessions and training labs. For more information on the breakouts and training labs, click here.

Wednesday started strong with a presentation from Mr. Matthew McCormack, Chief, Office of Cyber Security, DIA took the stage to discuss the Changing Landscape of Security in the Social Media Age. He was followed by Mr. Geoffrey Fowler, CIA, and Mr. Michael Capellas with VCE as well as the Services Panel, moderated by Mr. James Martin, USD(I). Participants from ONI, USAF, MCIA and Army were panel members and answered questions from the audience.

The final sets of breakout sessions and learning labs took place in the afternoon, with over 70 breakout sessions and 30 training labs taking place over the three days.

On Thursday, the conference ended with speeches given by Ms. Dawn Leaf, NIST, Mr. James Stout, Avanade Federal Services and Mr. James Breckenridge, Mercyhurst College. The closing session led by Mr. Grant Schneider, DIA, provided a review of the full conference, with an evaluation on how the 3 goals were hit over the week.

In addition to the great content that the 2011 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference offered, it also brought together 249 government and industry vendors in one location. Within the exhibit hall, top IT government professionals were able to learn about new technologies that are available, as well as see solutions at work. The exhibit hall provides an exclusive opportunity to connect with individual from duty stations and field offices worldwide. To view a list of vendors, click here.

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