Contracting Vehicles

NCSI offers a variety of contracting vehicles to satisfy all your specific event and integrated marketing service requirements. Our highly flexible contracting vehicles are approved for use by all federal agencies and facilities.


  • One stop shopping for complete integrated marketing and event solutions
  • Simplification of the procurement process and ease of acquisition
  • A proven track record of successful use by leading federal agencies
  • Significant budget cost savings for your agency and the U.S. taxpayer

GSA Schedule Information

No-Cost Contract

NCSI’s no-cost contract vehicles for event planning and integrated marketing services have been validated by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), are approved for use by all federal agencies, and can dramatically simplify the acquisition process. According to GAO Opinion B-308968 No-Cost Contracts for Event Planning Services:

“We conclude that the NCSI contract is a valid, binding no-cost contract that agencies may utilize to obtain conference planning services”

More recently, both the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army have validated the use of no-cost contracts subject to approval authority.

We can answer all your questions concerning no-cost contracts. Allow us to provide your agency with all the facts, regulations and precedents (including citations and references). Request NCSI’s 2014 white paper entitled “No-Cost Contracts for Conferences and Events: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).”

Blanket Purchase Agreement

NCSI maintains other contracting vehicles allowing government agencies to obtain fast, convenient access to our services.

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