DC DATACON Un-conference

Welcome to the DC DATACON Un-conference, we look forward to being your Agent.

So what is the DATACON Un-conference?  An Un-conference is free space and time for the community to do what it pleases.  It is undefined and loosely structured.  It is a blank canvas.  What will it become?  The answer is up to you, your peers, and your Agents.   At the Un-conference, the emphasis is on the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants and, potentially, a place to share projects and creatively engage in data science experiments.  Share your interests with your Agents and they will help manage your connections at the conference.

I hear one of our keynotes, Jeff Jonas, is particularly interested in the Unconference, so don’t be surprised to find him there.

Now, we mentioned that the DATACON Un-conference is loosely structured.  So, what will we be doing?  As we did in 2017, we want to help connect DATACON attendees.  We know conferences can be intimidating.  This is where your DC DATACON Agents come in – to help you connect and maximize the quality of conversations. Our Agents are social butterflies, getting to know people, understand their needs, connect those with similar interests, and at a minimum naming people they should reach out to. We are here for you and will be taking up shop at the Un-conference.  Your Agents will listen and seek to understand what you’re looking for.  We know your time is valuable and we know the person you’ve been looking for could be standing right next to you, all any of us needs is a warm introduction.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia Site on Unconferences for a little more information.

There are a number of good blog posts and articles on the net simply by searching on the term “Unconference.”  We can’t wait to see what you come up with.