Breakouts — Tuesday, 9 April

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Demonstration on IT & Social Media Tools MADDOG Net Centric Intelligence Capabilities IC DTE Overview DIA Approved Products List (APL) UCDMO Current Activities & Training Vision 2020 Strategy/Overview Vitality & Importance of Diverse Representation on Both the NIU Facility & Within Its Student Ranks Structured Analytic Techniques for Leading & Managing in the IC: An Examination of Best Practices in Application to the Challenges and Mission of the IC (3 day course)
Analyzing the Threats & Vulnerabilities Associated with the Introduction of Partners IC Palantir in Practice IC ITE & Intelink Innovation (Intelink Way Forward) IC Desktop Environment In Progress Update Mitigation Strategy for FVEY Integration into IC Facilities  
Development of an Acceptable Mitigation Strategy to the Expansion of FVEY Operations within U.S. Facilities Knowledge Management Forum (IC Only)   Apps Mall & Franchised Apps Stores Enterprise Cross Domain (One Way Transfer Service)