Breakouts — Wednesday, 10 April

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Standardizing Security Process within DoD for FVEY Ops SAVANT Digital Production Software as a Service Cross Domain Migration IC DTE Overview IC Gov Cloud (Utility, Data, & Storage Components) Application Development Cookbooks Vision 2020 Strategy/Overview A Secure MapReduce Framework for Cross Domain Info Sharing Structured Analytic Techniques for Leading & Managing in the IC: An Examination of Best Practices in Application to the Challenges and Mission of the IC (3 day course)
MASINT Standards Joint Reserve Intelligence Program   Mitigating the Intrusion Life-Cycle Intelink Training   Education for the Cyber Mission: A Program in Cyber Systems Ops
Defense Warning Social Violence Modeling/Prediction JIOC IT Integration Office IT Panel JWICS Connection Approval Process (JCAP) Intelligence Certification Programs within DoD