The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Chief Information Office (CIO) is excited to welcome participants to the 2024 Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS) Worldwide Conference at the Omaha Convention Center in Omaha, Nebraska from October 27 – 30, 2024!

Join senior leaders, technical experts, and innovators from across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, industry, academia, and FVEY partners to collaborate, share unique insights, and explore topics related to this year’s theme: Integrated Deterrence through IT Superiority.

For 20 years, the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference has served as the premier IT conference showcasing cutting-edge technologies and forging partnerships to address the most pressing national security challenges. Experience an exciting lineup of distinguished speakers, collaborate with trusted partners, and learn about ground-breaking technical solutions to support the warfighter. The DoDIIS Conference is an immersive in-person event designed to launch partnerships and solutions for mission advantage.

We look forward to seeing you this October in beautiful Omaha, Nebraska!

The presence of companies within the vendor spaces, speaking at and/or leading plenary or breakout sessions does NOT constitute legitimatizing nor endorsement by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Integrated Deterrence through IT Superiority

America’s intelligence and military power are key components for shaping perceptions and deterring strategic competitors. Integrated deterrence with our partners and allies across warfighting domains, theaters, and the spectrum of conflict is critical to preventing and decisively winning wars. Information technology (IT) is the linchpin of America’s advanced weaponry, intelligence, and command and control systems. Wielding a modernized, connected, and resilient IT enterprise bolsters global combat credibility to deter aggression and provide overwhelming advantage in conflict. IT superiority assures that America’s strategic competitors will incur significant costs for aggression and conflict.


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