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Attend Training Seminars. Earn Education Credit Hours.

In addition to viewing exhibitor displays, attendees will have the opportunity on Thursday, 8 March to earn continuing education units (CEUs) or continuing professional education (CPE) credits by attending 45-minute tech talks and professional development panels. Tech Talks will be held in the Magnolia Room at The Gordon’s Conference & Catering Center.

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THURSDAY, 12 October


What We’re Doing Isn’t Working, Time to Change

Presented By: Chris Roberts, Acalvio Technologies

We initially approached this by wanting to make the lights along the Western seaboard blink out messages to the ISS (International Space Station) however an hour into the research we realized that was not only possible but also too easy to do. So we’ve decided to tackle something harder…FINDING others who want to send rude messages into space using our electrical grid to accomplish such tasks.

This talk will focus on HOW we stop people, what has to happen to change our perceptions and how we communicate those changes across the internal infrastructure…and out to our vendors, suppliers and partners.

We will examine the attack vectors and what we do about them, we’ll go through some of the more predictive and preventative solutions to aiding in the remediation of the issues AND will try to point out the shortcomings and follies of buying more reactive security equipment.


Training the Future – Cyber & Multi-Domain Integration

Presented By: Carmine Cicalese and Kevin Rogers, C5 Cyber Partners

The Cyber Domain is as dynamic as ever. Most government, business, and industry sectors are reactive to concerns of cyber whether it be security, resiliency or espionage. Few sectors are proactive: financial services, yes, Equifax doesn’t count. While there is no silver bullet, nor will there be, the most successful practices include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Software Defined Solution.

An innovative and novel software to which produces high-fidelity, highly realistic training where your teams, your tactical forces, can be immersed in full live fire environments which mirror your live production environments. Our approach is not a simulator or an emulator but a holistic operating system designed to easily build, provision, run, and manage the entire IT stack all in software and on demand. Current DoD solutions lack the ability for largely automated tools to assess and facilitate cyber mission force (CMF) individual and team-based training exercises. The software delivers isolated cyber training environments on-demand by abstracting machines, networks, storage, and apps in software-defined self-contained files. Our solution focuses on eliminating the need for proprietary hardware for rebuild, re-architect, or reconfigure of IT infrastructure allowing DoD cyber teams to instantly create, deploy, and run cyber training and exercise environments – train as you fight.


The Art of Cyber intelligence

Presented By: Thomas Kupiec, SMS

SMS CISO, will provide a rare glimpse into the intelligence domain discussing cyberspace, defensive and offensive operations, cyber intelligence, cyber targeting and cyber hunting. Tom is one of the very few CISOs that can explain the differences between these domains and the tradecraft used in each area, having served as the Senior National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Cyber Security Officer for over 12 years. Tom will highlight the top Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) over the past several years, identify the world’s top four cyber “bounty” hunters, and show you some real world examples of cyber intelligence at work. If you ever wondered how the Art of cyber intelligence works, this is a must attend event. Tom’s topics and sessions regularly achieve some of the highest ratings at the conferences he attends.

THURSDAY, 12 October


Next Gen IT – Embracing Digital Transformation

Presented By: Warren Smolsky, Dell EMC

With the needs of the Mission having a larger demand for technology services in a more agile fashion. How do we transform IT to be better equipped to meet the demands of the Mission while not sacrificing Services and Security.


New Technologies for SIGINT, Communications, Recording, and Monitoring

Presented By: John Visotsky, Pentek

This presentation covers the latest technologies to enhance performance levels of government and military systems requiring data acquisition, software radio, digital signal processing, and real time recording. Open architecture board and system level products feature new device technologies including high-speed wideband data converters coupled to the latest FPGAs and system interfaces. Wideband signal recorders capture RF signal bandwidths of 2 GHz or more with storage capacities of hundreds of terabytes. Intelligent scanning recorders can automatically detect and record signals of interest with precise time and date stamping. New development tools simplify custom application development and FPGA IP cores.