If you will be bringing electronic equipment with you, you must complete the equipment form for every piece of electronic equipment. Submit completed Equipment Forms to Devin Foss at


  • iPhones
  • Weapons and Explosives*
  • Cell phones
  • Computers with built-in cameras that are not covered
  • All wireless capabilities on computers MUST be disabled
  • Personally owned two way transmitting devices, photographic and recording equipment, information storage media devices, personally owned computers or other personal data assistants (company owned computers may be permitted with advanced approval and wireless capabilities disabled)
  • Contraband, illegal substances, firearms and/or ammunition, knives with a blade length over 2.5 inches, and exotic weapons
  • Information storage media including, but not limited to, disk storage media, magnetic tapes (audio, video, computer), 35 mm slides, microfilm and microfiche, used carbon computer tape and typewriter ribbon, processed and unprocessed film, optical disks, and non-volatile, removable/transportable solid state media devices, such as flash memory cards
  • USB/memory sticks, DVD players/disks, CD’s, iPods/MP3 Players, Satellite radios (portable)
  • Software or hardware giveaways
  • Test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment
  • Image intensifiers and sensors
  • Wearable fitness trackers (i.e. Fitbit, Jawbone, etc.)