Tuesday, 16 July

1030 – 1130

Network Physical Security Shortcomings at the Endpoint

Presented By: Robert Bauman, Trusted Systems, Inc.

This session focuses on the need for convergence between physical security and cybersecurity to thwart emerging insider threats. It reviews the background of information technology, existing policies, or lack thereof, and the shortcomings of traditional physical security countermeasures as it relates to both host and endpoint security, and everything in between. Discussions shall analyze various aspects of the problem, risk factors, vulnerabilities and threat vectors affected by network architectures, applications, ergonomics and human interaction, inadequate policies, and facility/environmental issues. Solution discussions will focus on security in depth with an emphasis on physical security integration offering alternative countermeasures to give the IT security professional the knowledge and tools to address the insider threat from an “outside in” perspective to complement that of cybersecurity’s “inside out” approach.

1130 – 1230

Zero Trust Frameworks

Presented By: Arnulfo Hernandez, F5 Networks

In today’s world the network perimeter has disappeared. The object of this Tech Talk will be to provide an overview of how F5 helps meet the challenges and solutions for securing today’s Federal networks. In this Tech Talk we will discuss Zero Trust frameworks and how this differs from todays traditional enterprise security architecture. You will learn how SSL Orchestration can provide full SSL visibility, eliminating blind spot vulnerabilities, through service chaining IDS/IPS, DLP, NGFW and many more services with a single decrypt/encrypt control point. In addition, we will cover F5’s Advanced WAF capabilities including Advanced Bot Protection, Advanced Layer 7 DDoS, Credential Stuffing,
Threat Campaigns and much more. Finally, we will discuss API security. We discuss how the F5 API security feature can lock down your interfaces and protect against threats like the OWASP Top 10.

1230 – 1330

5G Technology: Fueling the 4th Industrial Revolution

Presented By: Michael Young, Verizon

What is 5G? What makes it so special? Why is it important? How will it be used? How can the military benefit? During this
seminar we will address these questions along with an exploratory trip into the unlimited potential of 5G.

1330 – 1430

Smartcard Access for Mobile: Leveraging PIV‐D for Derived Credentials

Presented By: Samantha Fautt, VMware

CAC and PIV smart cards are extremely secure methods of authentication, but they are cumbersome to use on iOS and Android because they require dongles to read the card. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices accessing federally controlled information systems, NIST updated FIPS 201 standards to include “Guidelines for Derived Personal Identification Verification (PIV) Credentials.” This session will provide an overview of the new standard and how derived credentials can simplify mobile access to sensitive data while maintaining security. We will feature a customer story from the Department of Homeland Security using Workspace ONE PIV‐D solution

Wednesday, 17 July

0930 – 1030

AF-Cisco Joint Enterprise Level Agreement (JELA)

Presented By: Vanessa Johnson, Cisco

Informational briefing about the benefits of the JELA. This is an enterprise contract, and we want to ensure everyone is aware of what is covered and how to use it.

1030 – 1130

Data Mobility: Edge to Core to Cloud Data Integration for the Warfighter

Presented By: Philip Brooks, NetApp

Data Visionaries know that harnessing the power of the hybrid cloud is the key to becoming truly data driven. And the explosion of mission data has made cloud an established reality. You need a data fabric that offers flexible deployments from edge to core to cloud. As the data authority for the hybrid cloud, only NetApp partners with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM to help connect the warfighter to more clouds in more ways to unleash the full power of their data. Our portfolio of solutions seamlessly integrate cloud data services, provide crucial data insights & control, and protect data wherever it lives. The NetApp portfolio delivers the promise of the Data Fabric.

1130 – 1230

Resiliency thru Utilizing DES

Presented By: Megan Miller, Siemens

Building performance and sustainability through distributed energy systems. DOD recognizes the need to look at possible deployment alternative energy for operating bases. Aligned vision: Smart Energy at Military Bases and Campuses and how to get there.

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