Wednesday, 13 February

1030 – 1130

Using NLP in a Defense Environment

Presented By: Chris Brown, Basis Technology

NLP (natural Language Processing) is a powerful tool that has helped intelligence agencies, and defense combat terrorism. Presentation will talk about various user cases and how adaptable this capability is.

1130 – 1230

Low Impact-High Yield Security Assessments

Presented By: Claude Williams, Phoenix TS

Organizational risk can include many types of risk (e.g., program management risk, investment risk, budgetary risk, legal liability risk, safety risk, inventory risk, supply chain risk, and security risk). Security risk, related to the operation and use of information systems, is just one of many components of organizational risk that senior leaders/executives address as part of their ongoing risk management responsibilities. Thus, understanding organizational risks through effective risk assessing is the foundation for developing effective risk management programs. Claude L. Williams will present the elements of an effective and efficient risk assessment.

1230 – 1330

RF Solutions for Counter-UAS

Presented By: Dan Stamm, DroneShield

Detecting and defeating commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) through radio frequency (RF) transmissions:

  • UAS definitions and attributes
  • UAS threat types
  • C-UAS actions (Detect, ID, Track, Defeat)
  • Leveraging/Exploiting UAS RF characteristics to achieve C-UAS actions

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