Tuesday, 17 July

1030 – 1130

Analytics Journey

Presented By: Rashmi J. Patel, CDWG

Data is coming at you from every source. Mobile devices, sensors from the Internet of Things, log data, social media data. The question is how your organization can leverage data to provide insight and operational agility in order to fulfill key objectives. In this session we will discuss how legacy methods of manual reporting and data mining are failing government at an institutional level. We will talk about what needs to change in order for us to better support our warriors in the field. If you face these challenges and want to understand how to reach one source of truth with your data, join us. CDWG understands that data, converted into information, and shared with the right people, at the right time, provide to a commander, an operational advantage over our nations’ adversaries. The pace of change in operations has never slowed, we know it isn’t slowing now. The journey to predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning can be intimidating, but rest assured, CDWG GETS IT. Let us show you how. In this seminar, we will walk you through the steps and considerations of this journey, empowering you to take the first steps toward creating an organization that is fully data driven, an organization that provides complete situational awareness for our nation’s safety.

1130 – 1230

Any Application, Any Scale, Anywhere - Bringing the Power of the Cloud to Tactical Deployments

Presented By: Alex Shiroma, Nutanix

Join Nutanix for a Tech Talk to learn more about how Defense Agencies are increasing mission agility by harnessing cloud technology at the edge.

In the uncertainty of battlefield environments, effective tactical solutions are necessary to ensure that consistent and secure IT infrastructure is readily available in a form factor that makes sense. Partnered with the top tactical hardware providers, Nutanix provides resilient, field-ready solutions that support mission-critical applications, wherever they are needed.

During this session, we will discuss how to:
• Leverage hybrid cloud capabilities to efficiently support geographically dispersed forces and mission-critical applications.
• Securely store, analyze, and disseminate large volumes of data in theatre with intuitive common management frameworks to provide real-time analytics for actionable insights.
• Effectively reduce operational costs of tactical data centers and increase agility with software-driven solutions.
• Drastically reduce the space, weight, power, and logistic complexity of legacy deployments with the Klas Telecom Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC)

1230 – 1330

The Tactical Edge

Presented By: Louis Pacheco, Rubrik Federal/NTS

Size, weight and power (SWaP) considerations have limited the processing power that tactical users could leverage on the battlefield. But now, the NTS Tactical Edge with the latest Klas Telecom Voyager technology, combined with Rubrik and VMware, enables users to deploy enterprise-grade, hyperconverged tactical data storage networks to the field in a single, airline carry-on- size rollaway case.

Software-defined storage technologies require processing nodes with maximum compute power and data-center grade networking for communications between nodes. Voyager Tactical Data Center (TDC) provides Intel Xeon D processing, 512 GB RAM, 32 physical cores and 10 Gbps networking to provide the best performance possible.
Paired with Rubrik, the NTS Tactical Edge enables users to rapidly deploy functional data center stack to a remote site as-needed with fully integrated automation. A tactical package can be built, maintained, and patched in a garrison environment then migrated to the edge location as needed, greatly reducing deployment time and resources required.
The NTS Tactical Edge solution has been built to enhance the capabilities provided to those at the remote site. By extending the Garrison environment, and its associated systems, to the forward user we are extending the range of the battlefield and effectiveness of the systems supporting the warfighter.

Tactical Edge Solution:
Partnering with Klas, Rubrik & VMware, NTS has developed the capability to provide the tactical end user with services and support, as needed, with full data protection back to garrison.

The current iteration of the NTS Tactical Edge platform is using a Small Form Factor Tactical Data Center device developed by Klas Telecom. NTS chose this platform for its capability to delivery robust services to the tactical edge while maintaining a large reduction in SWaP.

Sitting at 45 linear inches (22”W x 14”D x 9”H) and 63lbs with batteries installed, we expect a significant savings in size and weight alone. The small form factor kit consumes 400w and, including the batteries, has a >1 hour runtime off of the useable AC/DC power.

This small form factor kit also includes an integrated 12-port 10 Gbps Tactical Switch. The storage/compute modules are included in individual blades, 4 per system. These are fully removable for hot swappable capabilities. When used in a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, the can be pooled across all for 4 blades of this system to take full advantage of the resources per node as described below.

NTS will also be able to provide a significant SWaP reduction by building out on this Small Form Factor kit using software modules, rather than hardware modules, to provide capabilities that are similar, or improved.

A Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is the baseline for the NTS Tactical Data Center. Using any S/W provider, we now can pool all the resources available to us on this platform and take full advantage of the ease of installation and management HCI provides.

Using a Hyper-Converged solution as our baseline, we can now break down the existing architectures into available Software Modules that can run on our Small Form Factor platform.

Currently this includes:
• Applications (Exchange, SharePoint, XMPP Chat, UC, DC, etc.)
• Data Services (Back-up, Recovery, Replication, Archival)
• Information Assurance (Firewalls, IPS, SBC)
• WAN Optimization
• Multimedia (Video, ISR Redistribution, VTC, video recording/portal)

NTS has built these services as a set of deliverables for the tactical edge that are able to be rapidly deployed and easily managed from a Data Center/Garrison Environment. Leveraging the Rubrik solution, NTS has developed the capability to build our tactical edge services, at home in a garrison environment, and keep them maintained and ready to deploy to the edge. Through this Rubrik software, we can replicate those images out to the edge so that they can be stood up quickly with little-to-no interaction form the users forward.

1330 – 1430

Managing Your Data in a Hybrid Cloud World

Presented By: Rodney Hess, Veritas

Data volume and complexity is an ever-increasing challenge for many organizations. Organizing, protecting and understanding the data you’re responsible for gets harder every year and ensuring that applications are available to access that data adds additional complexity. You can outsource infrastructure, but you are ultimately responsible for your data; it’s where your information lives whether stored on-premise or in the cloud. In this session, realize a cost-effective strategy for data management by increasing protection, meeting uptime service level objectives, controlling and visualizing access, and delivering insight to ensure organization accountability.

Wednesday, 18 July

0930 – 1030

Are You Protecting Machine Identities?

Presented By: Ben Boykin, Venafi

There are two kinds of actors on every network—people and machines—and both need to be secured. People rely on usernames and passwords, but machines use keys and certificates for machine-to-machine communication and authentication. Billions are spent each year securing identity and access management, but virtually all of it is spent securing usernames and passwords, almost none on protecting keys and certificates.

Unprotected machine identities are lucrative targets for cyber criminals. They use unprotected keys and certificates to eavesdrop on private communications, make phishing sites or malicious code look valid, and hide their nefarious activity in encrypted traffic—getting malware in and sensitive data out.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the different types of machines identities and where they proliferate in your network. You’ll see the role and life cycle of machine identities, and where we’re falling short in protecting them. We’ll then look at where there are current risks as well as where new risks are emerging. We’ll conclude with steps you can take immediately to get these risks under control.

1030 – 1130

Cisco Joint Enterprise Level Agreement Overview

Presented By: Vanessa Johnson, Cisco

The Air Force Cisco Joint Enterprise Level Agreement (JELA) provides support for Cisco network technology owned by the Air Force and participating Combatant Commands under an enterprise contract. This contract provides access to Cisco SMARTnet technical support and a number of additional technical and consulting resources from Cisco including engineers, subject matter experts and consultants. This presentation will cover all aspects of support covered for Air Force enrollees.

1130 – 1230

Identity Assurance & Insider Threat Analysis

Presented By: Noam Liran, CyberArk

Learn how to enable the operator to complete their mission while also assuring identity of access to sensitive devices (yes, even those legacy non-CaC enabled devices). Today’s cyber-warfare and risk mitigation strategies require not only assuring the identity of who is on our network and what they are doing, but making sure we take the next step in analytics. Combining both behavioral analytics and correlation analysis to truly be able to give incident response teams and audit and information assurance operators the ability to know when suspicious activity is happening and react at a moments notice.

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