The office of the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer for Special Access Programs (DOD SAP CIO) welcomes you to the 2021 SAP IT and Cybersecurity Summit.

The agenda will feature Keynotes, Industry Presentations, and Training Seminars. The DoD SAP IT and Cybersecurity Summit provides the opportunity for program managers, IT, security, and cybersecurity professionals to understand the latest on the Department’s SAP IT Strategy and Roadmap as we move to a culture of rapid and meaningful innovation. DoD SAP IT & Cybersecurity leadership will brief roadmaps and policy updates again this year. In addition, we are working with the innovators across the community to share their ideas, challenges, and lessons learned as mission owners. The DoD SAP CIO wants to enable mission owners with the best and most secure technology! Various breakout sessions will be offered by industry partners and peers in the community sharing experiences, ideas, and best practices in technology adoption.This year’s sessions will focus on enabling the user!

There will be sponsored and unsponsored networking events throughout the week.

See you in Huntsville this Fall!