From Marco Polo Airport

  • Exit the airport and follow signs for the Autostrada
  • Take the Autostrada 4/East 70 towards Vicenza and veer left when the road splits
  • At the first stop you will get a ticket for a toll. Do not lose this ticket because you will pay at the next stop approximately 37 km later
  • Follow the Autostrada 4/East 70 to Vicenza
  • Take the Vicenza East exit
  • There will be a toll booth here where you will have to present your ticket
  • After the toll booth, take the exit towards Caserma Ederle (American flags will be on the sign)
  • Follow the Caserma Ederle signs around the traffic circle and onto the overpass
  • Proceed onto the overpass, and follow it around until you see the main gate on your left
  • Proceed to the traffic circle and follow it all the way around to make a U-turn
  • The Main Gate will be on the right. Please be prepared to show your passport and vehicle registration

From the Main Gate to the Golden Lion Conference Center

  • Proceed through the main gate and make a right at the first stop sign
  • Proceed to the next stop sign and turn right (there will be a Burger King on the right)
  • At the next stop sign, turn left
  • The Golden Lion Conference Center will be down the road about 50 yards to the right of the Ederlee Inn


Golden Lion Conference Center
Building 311
Caserma Ederle (Vicenza Army Community)
Vicenza, Italy 36100