Green Initiatives

NCSI is committed to making our events and headquarters environmentally friendly. We plan to take new steps each year to decrease our waste and increase our use of recyclable materials. Our goal is to be 80% Green by the year 2014. We started this effort in 2009 by:

    NCSI goes green
  • Implementing green best practices at all our events
  • Selecting green conference venues
  • Ensuring subcontractors (i.e. decorators, caterers, printers, etc.) implement and follow green best practices
  • Encouraging attendees and exhibitors to register for our events online
  • Eliminating unnecessary printed materials to reduce waste
  • Recycling plastic badge holders
  • Giving attendees bags made of recycled materials
  • Printing our conference programs on FSC certified paper that is 100% recyclable
  • Using 100% recycled paper to print conference name badges
  • Going paperless at our In-Agency Technology Expositions
  • Volunteering at a local county park to help remove invasive plants that are harmful to the natural ecosystem
  • Recycling at our corporate headquarters

Please send your green ideas and suggestions to