DoDIIS 2011


Hosted by the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate for Information Management and the CIO, the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference & Exposition is the premier annual conference for the defense intelligence information systems community represented by over 3000 participants from federal agencies, military and industry partners.

The theme for the 2011 event held May 1–5 in Detroit, MI was “Secure and Collaborative Intelligence in Defense of the Nation.” The goals of the conference, as outlined on the first day by the DIA CIO were: governance in the groups and organizations and how we do governance; how we can leverage technologies to reduce and drive out costs; and understanding how others are doing secure collaboration within their organization. The graphics for this event illustrate “Secure and Collaborative Intelligence in Defense of the Nation” by using the network cables to show the flow of collaborative intelligence and the need for security is represented by the lock collecting that intelligence.

With Detroit as a backdrop for the conference, the exhibit hall, featuring 300 high-tech exhibits, was given a Motor City theme with signage resembling street signs and a drive-in movie theater as the highlight of the DoDIIS Rest Stop networking area.

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