UCDMO 2010


Established in July 2006, the Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO) is a joint Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) organization that provides centralized coordination and oversight of all cross domain initiatives across these communities. Its fourth annual event, the UCDMO Conference took place from 9–12 August, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.

This year’s theme “From the Core to the Edge — Information on Demand” was about exploring ‘Core to the Edge’ strategies, capabilities, and plans, from the near term to the far term. The open apple showing the core with a smaller piece leaning on its side represents this, while the globe symbolizes the mission worldwide. The power button in the “O” exemplifies the evolution of cross domain capabilities, emerging technologies, and policies and standards that will assist the DoD and IC as they work together to provide the necessary ‘Information on Demand’ for analysts, warfighters, and information professionals everywhere to complete their missions. The apple theme was creatively woven into many aspects of the conference. Attendees and exhibitors were greeted with the hotel welcome letter, fresh green apples displayed at registration, and home-made apple pies given away at the NCSI country store.

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