The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Chief Information Office (CIO), and Chief Technology Office (CTO) are excited to host the 2022 Future Technologies Symposium. The two-day virtual symposium will take place on May 11-12, 2022.

Building upon the engaging conversations and presentations at the 2021 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, the Future Technologies Symposium looks to dive deeper into the topics of Strategic Competition and emerging technologies.

The Future Technologies Symposium is a unique opportunity to hear from thought leaders and leading experts from across the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, industry, and academia on the challenges and opportunities posed by emerging technologies. The summit will also offer insight on relevant DIA initiatives and hands-on demonstrations from industry partners. During this summit, we shall discuss the following topics:

  • DIA Vision for Strategic Competition
  • DIA CIO Vision, Priority, and Strategy
  • See, Hear & Smell with AI
  • AI/ML at the Edge
  • Quantum Computing
  • Disinformation Campaign
  • Evolution of IT Enterprise
  • Space AI
  • Future of FVEY
  • Machine-assisted Analytic Rapid-repository System (MARS)
  • Technology Impacts on Human Capital Strategy
  • Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality in DoD
  • 5/6G Implications for the DoD and IC
  • Future Trends in GEOINT
  • Future of Military Operations
  • Project Starline Demo

Registration is limited to U.S. Citizens and Five Eyes partner nations. We look forward to your participation in the Future Technologies Symposium.