Registration for this event is now closed. If you have your own access to NGA you may register on-site with us at the Conference Center. Please reach out to Danielle Sanders,, with any questions.


Industry Contractor ($99.00): Any industry contractor not currently working on-site at an agency.

Exhibiting Company Attendee ($60.00): Must have an exhibit table during the Technology Expo on Wednesday, July 24.

Government/Active Military/SETA Support ($60.00): Current Government/Military ID required or GPOC authorization.

NGA Government Employee (No Charge): Must have a valid .mil NGA email address.

All credit card payments will be processed beginning Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

The registration fee will cover the cost of attending the forum, morning/afternoon breaks and refreshments, access to the exhibit hall, forum materials, professional forum planning services, and event promotional materials.


All cancellations must be received in writing no later than Friday, July 19, 2019 to Devin Foss at


After you register, please follow the steps below by July 23:

Attendees WITH an Intelligence Community (IC) blue or green badges do not need to pass clearances, but must present the badge at check-in. Please verify with your badging office that your IC badge is enabled to work at NGA facilities.

Attendees WITHOUT an Intelligence Community (IC) blue or green badges must have a clearance certification message submitted to the NCE Workforce Support Center by their agency’s Special Security Officer (SSO) or contractor’s Facility Security Officer (FSO).

Methods of Passing Clearance Certification Messages to NGA:

SSO Message: NGA
Unclassified Fax: 571-558-3229
Unclassified Email:
Secure Email:
Workforce Support Center: 571-557-1111

Attendees must have the following information passed by your SSO/FSO:

Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Country of Citizenship
Agency/Company Name
Purpose of Visit: SAREM Forum and Technology Exposition
Date of Visit: July 23-25, 2019
Point of Contact Name: Mr. Darrell Anderson

All visitors will be required to present a valid government issued, picture ID upon entry at the NGA Visitor Center. This ID may be in the form of a Driver’s License, U.S. Passport, or IC Badge. Access is denied without a valid picture ID. All attendees must enter the NGA via the Visitor Center UNLESS you possess a Blue or Green IC Badge.

If you are a Foreign National your Embassy must submit a Foreign Visit Request (FVR) or all your information needs to be vetted through PeopleSoft’s Visitor Access Request database (VAR). Please contact Devin Foss at if you are a Foreign National.