Thank you to those who participated in the Joint EUCOM / AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Conference 2018.

The conference presentations are now available for download. All conference attendees have been emailed the login credentials required to access the site.

We look forward to seeing you again next year for JEADDC 2019!

Welcome to the Joint EUCOM / AFRICOM Deployment and Distribution Conference 2018.

This year’s theme “Optimizing Transportation Partnerships” represents the future of logistics in the upcoming years. The “new normal” for logistics support operations will require us to adapt to the challenges of diverse constraints while adapting to the ever-changing geopolitical environment. In order to be successful, we will need to synchronize and harmonize our enterprise efforts spanning the many fronts of joint, interagency, partner and host nations, non-governmental organizations, and commercial industry. Our program represents an exciting combination of senior leader events, information panels, and working groups oriented to our theme. It includes senior-level speakers from USEUCOM and USAFRICOM providing insight into their strategic vision.


This year's JEADDC is focused on increasing and improving both relationships and information flow across the European distribution enterprise. Spanning both continents across all stakeholders we hope to better understand stakeholder operations models, define our shared deployment and distribution opportunities, and to collaboratively seek improved collaboration between DoD, industry and interagency.

End state: Increased strategic relationships and knowledge across the European distribution network resulting in elevated paths toward operational efficiencies.

The agenda will facilitate this by focusing on:

  • Stakeholder information flow and dialogue
  • Deployment and distribution discussions to further expand our enterprise perspectives
  • Innovative technologies and best practices
  • Forward, adaptive thinking that will help us improve and overcome the challenges and changes throughout the region

This year’s agenda should add the right texture to the professional discussions, ideas, and networking needed to strengthen our logistics team supporting Europe and Africa, enhance our situational awareness, and build the integrated, resilient adaptive networks needed to ensure success.

As we know, it is the professional discussions and working groups throughout the week where the real value of this conference is realized. We believe your investment of time and contributions will be well rewarded during this inspiring week. We look forward to meeting each of you - Thank you for your time and interest.

Adapting to Challenge and Change…that’s our focus for this week and the year to come!