Approval Request Letter

Dear Supervisor

I would like to attend the 2018 DoD SAP IT & Cybersecurity Summit from 15-19 October at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The registration for the 5-day event is [$299/$399]. With departmental and budget priorities in mind, I understand that my registration, time, and travel comes with a cost to [organization] but this year the Summit focused on bringing industry partners offering registrants free training with a list of diverse classes from different companies across the country during the week that are tailored for our community. Any of those classes separately would cost more than the entire week’s registration and all classes are available for me to take at no additional cost to [organization].

The Summit is providing the opportunity to interact with technology applications that are available NOW for the community to use, see what is in their pipeline for the next 12 months, and offer us the chance to influence the direction they go in the following 12-24 months. I can bring the challenges we face in [organization] to the Summit to help problem solve and bring visibility within the community.

In addition, it offers me the chance to interface with peers, headquarters level staff, and key vendors to learn how they are solving similar problems and collaborate to find innovative approaches.

Below is an estimate of the costs associated with this event (Sunday – Saturday):

  • Airfare: ~$[XX]
  • Hotel [Government rate of $101/night]: $606
  • Per Diem [Government rate of $59/day, (75% first and last days)]: $383
  • Registration Fee: $[299/$399]
  • Transportation (taxi/uber/rental car): $[XX]
  • Approximate Total: $$[XX]

Please accept this proposal to attend, as I’m confident in the significant return we will receive for the small investment.