Summit Theme is Taking Shape

We are thrilled to see everyone again this October at the second annual SAP IT and Cybersecurity Summit! We're excited for the opportunity to partner with the CSSWG again - the synergy is great bringing our communities together. Given last year's overwhelming response, we've found an even larger venue -- big thanks to the team at NASIC for hosting. We've also added a professional event planning team (NCSI) to the roster, so things will be even smoother than last year. The other big addition this year is the inclusion of our commercial IT partners and vendors. The team is working tirelessly to make this an amazing event!

This year we are having a big focus on TRAINING! We have lots and lots of training and technology demonstrations tailored for the new tools and capabilities that are ready or imminently ready for adoption. We've got an amazing team coming this year to bring you up to speed on everything!

We will send out weekly updates leading up to the Summit to share information on breakout sessions, training, and the socials coming this year!

The Summit is meant for IT, cyber security, security, and program managers in the DoD SAP community. So, what's in it for you? Whichever category above you fit into, the Summit this year will offer you an amazing opportunity to Engage, Learn, and Connect!

Engage with the technology and applications that are live NOW! Last year Kenny briefed the changes that were coming to you over the next year. This year it's live, and ready for you to come play! We have some revolutionary changes to SAP IT coming the next 12 months and want to show you what is in the pipeline. Most importantly we want YOU to help influence where we go over the next 12-24 months! So, bring your challenges, and we'll work together to solve them.

Learn by receiving free training from your peers and industry partners this year. We're working with Amazon, Forcepoint, Splunk, MathWorks, Oracle, Sentris, and others to bring you some amazing deep dives and training events this year!

Connect with your counterparts in other organizations to share challenges and problem solve. Outside of the speaking and training events, the Summit will offer plenty of opportunities at after-hours events to network within the community.

We've included a Summit request email template to fill in for your supervisor to describe the expense of the Summit and explain why it's so important for you to be there.

We can't wait to see you this year up at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base!