Speaking Opportunities

Africa Endeavor 2018 is NOW ACCEPTING abstracts from registered exhibitors wishing to be considered for industry panel presentations. If you would like to submit a proposal, please complete this form. Please have all abstracts submitted to Lizzi Bollinger, via fax 443-561-2413 or email bollinger@ncsi.com, by close of business on Wednesday, 20 June, 2018. Abstracts will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please submit before the deadline.

The theme of the AE 2018 is "Synchronizing Partnership Efforts to Maximize Interoperability." This five-day symposium will feature keynote speakers, presentations, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities focused on topics related to Cyber Security, Maritime and Land Force Communications.

AFRICOM is currently accepting abstracts to confirm interest in the following panel topics:

Panel 1: Radio Interoperability

Interoperability among different manufacturer radio equipment and with other forms of communication remains a challenge for most African partners. This may include differences in implementing standards, encryption, or modes of operation. A simple approach is single vendor/single radio design but that is not practical among most African Partners. We are looking for panel members to provide their insights on the direction, technology, opportunities, and recommendations for enhancing radio interoperability. The intent is to not make this a vendor specific solution sales pitch but primarily focus on vendor agnostic approaches that participants can try to advocate or require from an equipment provider.

This panel is for industry partners who specialize in RF communications and/or interoperability.

Panel 2: Emerging Technology

The African continent is experiencing innovation and associated challenges in areas such as wireless, unmanned systems, mobile technology, cybersecurity, power distribution, satellite, etc. Many of our African partners may be observing or using elements but could benefit from Industry perspective on opportunities, concerns, and direction.

We are looking for panel members to provide Industry insight on the state of emerging technology, innovation, and offer recommendations for pursuing or leveraging emerging technology to meet future challenges.

This panel is for industry partners who specialize in advanced communication, cybersecurity, or logistic support capabilities.

Each panel member will get roughly 10 minutes to talk on the subject followed by an audience Q&A. It is requested that if slides are used during the presentation, they be translated into French and Portuguese. Please note, submission of this form does not confirm you will be speaking at the event. If your subject matter and expertise is a good match for the agenda, you will be contacted with follow up details.