Personal and sensitive information must be submitted online, in accordance to deadlines, for each representative exhibiting for your company. You are allotted two (2) primary representatives, and two (2) alternate representatives, in the event that a last-minute emergency would prohibit the primary representative(s) from attending. If this information is not submitted in accordance to the deadlines, you will not be guaranteed access to the event.

The deadline for submitting security and equipment information online is Monday, October 7, 2019.

To pick up your visitor badge and get your equipment inspected you must enter through the Visitor Center. All visitors will need to park at the Visitor Center.


If you will be bringing electronic equipment with you, you must complete the equipment form for every piece of electronic equipment (one form per each item). Submit completed equipment forms to Devin Foss at foss@ncsi.com.

Instructions for completing the form:

Block I

1) Name of requester
2) Badge number if the requester has an IC badge. N/A if no IC badge.
3) Organization if government; Company if contractor
4) Office designation if government (if classified, put N/A); contractor put N/A
5) City and state
6) Secure phone number, if not unclass number
7) Email address – high side preferred, low side if not
8) Sign and date the form – electronic preferred, but wet signature is acceptable

Block II

1) Type of device – laptop, monitor, etc.
2) Make and model number of that device
3) Serial number of the device – if serial number doesn’t match the device being brought in it will not be accepted
4) Classification – unclass, secret, etc.
5) External components – if you will need to connect things like mice, printers, cords/cables, click yes. In Block IV list all equipment that will be connected to the device and their specific need to be connect to the device.  Note: Anything that has the ability to store, display, or process data will need to have their own form filled out – e.g. monitors, badge printers, etc.
6) List operating system and version, if applicable.  List software that is going to be in use while in the equipment is in the facility.
7) Justification for why there is a need for this device
8/9) Is the equipment government or contractor owned – one MUST be checked off.
10) If the equipment is owned by someone else, list the company or government agency that owns the equipment.  If you are the owner of that equipment, list your company name or agency you work for.
11) Same as for 10, but listing the address

Block III – if not a mobile device, no need to fill in

1/2/3) This is all redundant information, but will be the same info that was put in for block II
4) Does the device have prohibited technology?  If so, list all capabilities (USB ports, audio ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IR sensors, cameras, microphones, etc.)

Block IV – use this block to answer about items in Block II line 5.