Welcome to Advantage DoD 2024: Defense Data & AI Symposium, hosted by the Chief Digital and Artificial Intelligence Office (CDAO), February 20-22, 2024, at the Washington Hilton, 1919 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC.

We invite key data leaders and developers from government, industry, and academia to join us to discuss and build the future of cutting-edge data, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) — guiding the enablement of the U.S. military’s enduring decision advantage.

Advantage DoD 2024 presents many opportunities for engagement:

  • Determine viable use of LLMs for the Department of Defense (DoD) and industry
  • Explore the future of data analytics and AI in the DoD through open conversation
  • Present ideas to address CDAO’s challenges in talent management, policy, and beyond
  • Network with your fellow thinkers and doers
  • Discuss solutions to technically advance the DoD
  • Showcase opportunities to engage and partner with all businesses – small, medium and large

Advantage DoD 2024 will feature a special classified session on February 23, 2024, at the Allder Auditorium at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) in Springfield, VA. This session will bring together stakeholders in a classified setting to discuss yield, test & evaluation, protection measures, and countermeasures to address risks and threats. LIMITED ATTENDANCE.