The CDAO is interested in representing a wide range of expertise and viewpoints in its presentations and panel discussions. If you are interested in speaking, please submit an abstract for consideration.

The call for papers submission form will be closed at 8:00 PM Eastern/5:00 PM Pacific the evening of Friday, December 1st.


Submission Guidelines

  • Provide a 200-300-word summary of your expertise and what you would like to discuss at the symposium. Your summary will be considered for opportunities to address the Advantage DoD 2024 audience in the form of keynote speeches, fireside chats, and/or panel discussions.
  • The symposium has four tracks: Task Force Lima (Gen AI/LLMs), Data and Analytics, AI, and Enablers (i.e. talent management, logistics, etc). Your topic should be related to one of these areas.
  • All proposed discussions will be at the UNCLASSIFIED level. We are not soliciting speakers for the classified session.
  • Completion and submission of this form does not guarantee you a speaking slot at the conference. If your topic and expertise are a good match for the agenda, you will be contacted for further information.
  • Speaking opportunities are voluntary. You will not be paid or reimbursed for any travel/lodging. Speakers must register as an attendee for the event (includes payment of the attendance fee).
  • Be forward thinking. How does the government need to proceed to win?
  • If your submission or presentation reads like a sales pitch or overt promotion of your company, products, or services, you will not be selected.
  • Selections will be complete by December 22, 2023.

Submission Deadline: Friday, December 1, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT

Speaker Submission Form

The CDAO Call for Papers is now closed. No late submissions will be accepted. Selections will be complete by December 22, 2023.

Point of Contact

For questions regarding how to submit your abstract, please contact:

Sarah Smith, NCSI
Phone: 443-561-2444