Presenting at our targeted events is a valuable opportunity to increase your company’s exposure and grow your business. Please review this information to get the most out of your experience.

  • You will have the opportunity to give a five to eight minute presentation or demo to all attendees
  • Your industry profile with company rep information and downloadable material will be featured on the event website
  • Early registrations receive additional marketing benefits such as their company listing on the event website and inclusion in marketing to leadership and end users in pre-event attendee marketing emails
  • Submit your reps information ahead of time so you will receive all pre-event emails with instructions
  • Invite your contacts to the live presentations using the link sent to you prior to the event
  • Set virtual meetings through a platform of your choice to coincide with the event
  • In order to exhibit at this event, your company must register to present, submit your digital profile and register your company representative online.

The deadline for submitting your digital profile and company rep for this event is Wednesday, September 15.


Please check back soon for a more detailed agenda!

0900-0930 EST
GOVERNMENT PRESENTATIONS TO INDUSTRY: The event hosts will share an overview of their current mission and goals as well as any technology gaps they are facing, offering a venue to discuss new opportunities and solve challenges together with industry.

0930-1200 EST
INDUSTRY PRESENTATIONS: This opportunity is geared towards agency leadership, key technology stakeholders, and government personnel to connect with industry. Exhibitors will give demos of available technology solutions. With the goal of promoting dialogue and fostering relationships between government and industry, this is your opportunity to connect live and participate in Q&A. You may share your screen and a presentation, set up a mock booth, or just speak directly with the group.

INDUSTRY PROFILES: This is open to all personnel interested in exploring the digital industry profiles on the event website. The industry profiles are where attendees will find your company contact information, videos, website, social media, and other relevant information featured to highlight your products and services. We will also be collecting contact information from attendees who visit the industry profiles to provide to you for follow up purposes.