For more than 60 years, healthcare providers and educators have trusted Laerdal to offer products, services and solutions that help improve patient outcomes and survivability. By supporting the advancement of resuscitation science, improving medical education and strengthening the chain of survival in communities worldwide, we help you save more lives.

We believe working with partners is the best way to achieve our mission. From the beginning, Laerdal has worked with doctors, nurses, educators, researchers and leading industry organizations. Mutual respect and shared values have been the foundation of these relationships, but the key to long-term success has been the complementary nature of our missions.

To meet your needs, Laerdal Medical’s simulators are fully capable of meeting your objectives and requirements whether in the hospital setting, or in a tactical environment (TC3, TCCC, Prolonged Field Care, Enroute Care, deployed, and Medevac). Laerdal also has a Learning Management System called SimCapture (formerly known as B-Line Medical). Within the SimCapture Learning Management System (LMS), it provides for effortless scheduling, reports development, multi-camera capture, capability to share and collaborate, as well as being a scalable platform to grow with your needs.


SimMan 3G Plus Overview
Immersive training for emergency care procedures

SimMan 3G Overview
Advanced training in emergency care procedures
Enroute Care StF (Air Certified)

SimCapture – A Learning Management Solution
for healthcare simulation and education

SimMan 3G Trauma
TCCC, TC3, Enroute Care StF (Air Certified)

ASL 5000 – Lung Solution
High Fidelity Lungs for Realistic Ventilation Management Training



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Government Strategic Account Manager
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