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Take advantage of the opportunity to listen to an innovative industry presentation while enjoying a complimentary boxed lunch. Pre-registration is required. Seating is limited.

Monday, 13 August

Lunch & Learn 1

“Machine vs. Malware”

Artificial intelligence has been a widely adopted approach to solving many business and social problems using advanced data mining and compute capabilities. During this session artificial intelligence will be described from a functional perspective to provide the basis of how it will be used to combat cybercriminals at the perimeter of IT enterprise and out to individual end-point clients. A specific implementation of a deep learning system will be provided to give insight into one of many potential uses of this type of technology to combat the ever-increasing efforts to compromise data and systems.

                       Presented by: Fortinet

Lunch & Learn 2

                       Presented by: IBM

Tuesday, 14 August

Lunch & Learn 1

“Intelligent Security at the Network Edge”

A look at how Allied Telesis solutions provide a smart and secure network edge while reducing management effort and cost at the same time.

                       Presented by: Allied Telesis

Lunch & Learn 2

“Rethinking Data Protection: From Monitoring Threats to Taking Action”

Digital transformation, cloud, and mobility are driving information technology to an inflection point. Nowhere is this more evident than within government environments, where IT works to transform and modernize their infrastructure, technology, approaches, and methods. Here, the stakes are high; stopping cyber threats is critical to the safety of our citizens. Unfortunately, traditional data protection tools are limited. Their use of static policy management forces security teams to make enforcement decisions about activity without insight into its broader context. Cybersecurity must evolve to risk-adaptive data protection, which integrates data analytics with control and enforcement capabilities that can identify risky activity and adjust policies as behavior change. In this session we will explore how risk-adaptive data protection cuts through the noise of alerts and provides early warning signals to prevent data loss. This new approach empowers security teams to better understand user behavior and automate policies to achieve your mission. Join us for an introduction to Forcepoint Risk-Adaptive Data Protection, the fastest way to proactively identify risk and protect your people, critical data, and networks.

                       Presented by: Forcepoint

Wednesday, 15 August

Lunch & Learn 1

                       Presented by: Harman logo