It is hard to believe that almost 2 years have gone by since the community last gathered together at the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference in Tampa, Florida. Over the past year, government agencies and the private sector have utilized virtual events as a venue to stimulate fruitful conversation in the hopes of solving mission challenges. As a government IT thought leader, it remains important for the DIA CIO and other government organizations to connect with mission partners. By working across CIO divisions, this virtual event will provide attendees a snapshot of significant items that CIO is working across the entire organization. We will hold the 2021 DoDIIS Worldwide in Phoenix, AZ December 5 – 8 this year and the DIA CIO Virtual Summit will bridge the gap and help deliver important content that simply cannot wait.  

The DIA CIO Virtual Summit will highlight current initiatives, successes, and opportunities for integration with government stakeholders, academia, and the private sectorKeeping this community engaged and connected is essential now more than ever. We look forward to having industry, government, academia, and our multi-national partners participate in this summit to discuss the following topics:  

  • CIO Priorities
  • CIO Strategy
  • Telework Capabilities
  • JWICS Modernization
  • Securing DoDIIS
  • Customer Experience
  • IT Accessibility

Registration is limited to US Citizens and Five Eyes partner nations. All sessions will be unclassified. The summit will offer insight on relevant CIO initiatives as well as hands on demonstrations from selected industry partners.