We look forward to your participation in the DIA CIO Virtual Summit. The event will take place virtually on Microsoft Teams April 27, 2021. Exhibitors will be grouped into different agenda blocks as part of the innovation showcase. Each exhibitor will select a five-minute presentation slot on the live agenda. To supplement these presentations, digital profiles containing contact information and details about your company will be displayed on the event website. We will be sending additional emails for you to select your spot on the agenda as well as submit details for your online profile. Please see below for important info you need to know about the event.


We will have a practice meeting to allow you the time to get familiar with the meeting format and Microsoft Teams. This will be your opportunity to get important details regarding your presentation, practice with your slides if applicable, and to check your audio and video settings prior to the meeting so there are not any glitches the day of the event. You must attend the practice session so that we can make sure you are set for the live presentation. Please read below to prepare you for the event. Please read all of these details.

  • How long can my presentation be?
    • Up to five minutes. You will be cut off at exactly five minutes in order for us to keep to the posted agenda.
  • Will there be time for Q&A?
    • No, there will not be time for live Q&A for industry presenters.
  • How many people from my company can present?
    • Only one rep will be able to present. You must provide your slides in advance so that we can queue them for you prior to your presentation. You will not be sharing your own screen, it will be done for you.
  • Can I pre-record my presentation and have you play it?
    • Yes, while most presenters choose to present live during the event, you have the option to pre-record your presentation in an mp4 format. Please provide the recording by Friday, April 9, 2021.
  • What link will I use to present?
    • We will send you a Microsoft Teams Meeting link for presentations. Your audio will be live, so you must enter on mute and wait for your queue from the event emcee to present. Once you are finished presenting, you will leave the green room and you can continue to watch the event or any presentations using a separate LIVE EVENT link provided for registered attendees.
  • Can I use slides in my presentation?
    • You may use slides as part of your presentation, but you must provide them in advance (Friday, April 9, 2021). You are not required to use slides as part of your presentation. You can speak directly to the audience, share a booth you have built, or show a corporate video as well. We must get any media in advance so that we can queue it for you.
  • Who will be able to see my presentation?
    • All registered participants will be able to access the event presentations.
  • Will I be able to attend the Summit when I am not presenting?
    • Each registered presenting company will receive 2 complimentary passes to log into the summit. For more than 2 reps, the fee is $249 (Early bird) or $299 (Standard). Please register here (use the promo code you were provided to register your complimentary reps). If you did not receive your promo code please contact NCSI and we can provide it to you.
  • Will this event be recorded?
    • This event will be recorded, and a copy will be provided to the event host, DIA. It will be their decision whether the final recording and any slides associated with the event are posted for all to view.
  • Where can I find the Summit Agenda?
  • How is my speaking time slot assigned?
    • Agenda time slots are based on the level of sponsorship followed by the order of registration. You or someone from your company will select your spot based on those criteria. You will receive an email at the beginning of April directing you to select your time slot on the agenda.
  • Where can I publish my company information, contact details, and other relevant collateral?
    • This is your industry profile. You should upload all relevant information using this form by Tuesday, April 6th and it will be published on the event website for all to access. You can also include any slides or videos you plan to use during your presentation if you’d like the attendees to have access to them.
  • How can I directly connect with the attendees?
    •  There are a few ways to connect with the event participants:
      • There will be a direct connect/email option included with your digital profile.
      • You will receive a list of registered participants (who opted in to share their contact info) at the conclusion of the Summit.
      • As an attendee, you can ask/answer questions that come across for your organization in the Q&A section of the live event.
  • How many attendees will be viewing this Summit?
    • We already have over 500 registered participants. We expect hundreds more to register prior to the event taking place.
  • Can we set up a private virtual meeting room through our online exhibit profile?
    • We have found that the majority of the government attendees prefer to remain within the official scheduled Teams Event rather than use the private room functions or switch to different virtual platforms. For that reason, we will offer a direct email and message format within your virtual profile. You can use this functionality to set up private meetings separately from the event experience.
  • What is the classification level of this event?
    • This event is UNCLASSIFIED and open to US and FVEY participants.