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Brigadier General Jeth Rey
0910 - 0930 ETKeynote - Data Integration and Resiliency

Brigadier General Dimitri Henry
Director of Intelligence (CCJ2), U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)

This keynote will address the need for enterprise data analytics, Artificial Intelligence, shared systems, and agile/resilient networks to providing qualitative advantage over adversaries and support timely decisions at the lowest levels.
0930 - 0950 ETDevelopment of a Data-Driven, AI-enabled Logistics Decision Support Tool

Mr. Robert D. Helgeson, SES
Deputy Director for Logistics and Engineering, CCJ4, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM)

This session will address USCENTCOM’s pursuit of Artificial Intelligence applications to integrate multi-domain logistics data in the development of an enterprise-wide Joint Logistics Decision Support Tool that is interoperable with the JADC2 construct.
0950 - 1010 ETData Science and AI at the Tactical Edge

Dr. Ian McCulloh
Chief Data Scientist, Accenture Federal

TF Paladin in Afghanistan effectively applied data science methods to the counter-IED fight. Without access to critical software applications or tools, they improvised to prove-out and deliver the Attack the Network (AtN) targeting approach allowing the destruction of key threat networks. ​

Almost a decade later, a lieutenant, having studied these methods as a cadet at the West Point Network Science Center was deployed to Irbil, Iraq attempting to apply AtN against ISIS. He was forced to improvise in much the same way to effectively target ISIS threats. ​

Data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are critical combat multipliers on the modern multi-domain battlefield, yet the DoD lags in its ability to provide analytics and AI capability in austere environments at the tactical edge or securely move data in support of the warfighter. ​

This talk will review successful applications of data science at the tactical edge and how deployed service members have overcome technical challenges in order to inform future requirements and solutions.​
1010 - 1050 ETInnovation Showcase Presentations

Sub U Systems



Nutanix, Inc.




Industry Exhibitors will offer product/service solutions for five minutes each. Supplementary information, contact info, and company profiles will be provided for each presenter in the online exhibit hall area.
1050 - 1100 ETBREAK
1100 - 1120 ET USSOCOM Data Perspectives/Initiatives

Dr. Lisa A. Costa, SES
Director, Communications Systems and Chief Information Officer, U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM)

This session will explore a Combatant Command senior communicator and Chief Information Officer perspective on data and information sharing in a joint/coalition operating environment, and the opportunities for DoD and industry innovation using artificial intelligence and machine learning.
1120 - 1140 ETCommon Computing Environment (Cloud One)

Mr. Bob D. Ritchie
Vice President of the Software Practice, SAIC

Mr. Russell D. Fellers
Cloud One Program Manager, SAIC

This session will explore how the Common Computing Environment (Cloud One) is using smart, unifying approaches to securely migrate mission applications into the cloud, significantly improving speed to market for hundreds of new Air Force and Army capabilities.
1225 - 1340 ETGeographic Combatant Command (GCC) J6/Chief Information Officer (CIO) Panel

Panel Moderator:
Brigadier General Jeth Rey
Director J6 and Chief Information Officer, USCENTCOM

Brigadier General Denise Brown
Deputy Director J6, USINDOPACOM

Colonel Robin L. Gibson
Deputy Director J6, USEUCOM

Colonel Jeffrey M. Schroeder
Director J6, USAFRICOM

Colonel James D. Turinetti IV

This panel discussion will explore Geographic Combatant Command senior communicator and Chief Information Officer perspectives on the role of modern data-centric, data-driven capabilities to support joint/coalition warfighting.
1340 - 1430 ETInnovation Showcase Presentations

Ursa Space Systems


Spirent Communications

NuWave Solutions

Alion Science and Technology


Red Hat

TIBCO Software


Industry Exhibitors will offer product/service solutions for five minutes each. Supplementary information, contact info, and company profiles will be provided for each presenter in the online exhibit hall area.
1430 - 1450 ETThe Role of Data in the Military Competition with China

Honorable Robert O. Work
32nd Deputy Secretary of Defense, Chairman of Govini

As a crucial source of national power, the quest for technological advantage is a competition in its own right. To gain the advantage, great power militaries are now in a digital arms race.

The United States and the People’s Republic of China, in particular, are competing in the development and adoption of digital technologies that produce military capability – and that will determine who wins future battles and indeed, wars.

While the range, speed, and payload of the novel military platforms that result will matter, the defining feature of the military digital arms race is more fundamental: the way in which data and information will be collected, processed, and exploited to improve the quality of human decision-making.

To win the digital arms race, the United States, and its defense establishment in particular, must embrace a fundamentally different approach to data management that is focused on how data will improve the quality and timeliness of human decision-making through decision science.
1450 - 1500 ETDay 1/Day 2 Takeaways & Closing Remarks

Brigadier General Jeth Rey