Why Omaha

Home to Offutt AFB and U.S. Strategic Command

As in 2017, the conference planning team will have a marketing effort focused on promoting the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference to the local federal government and military. The strategy of positioning the conference in close proximity to members of the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense enables more government attendees to experience the DoDIIS Worldwide and allows more exposure and face-to-face networking for the DoDIIS Worldwide exhibitors.

Attendance by Proximity Statistics

“Aside from the conference content, the most beneficial aspect of DoDIIS this year was taking advantage of the local NGA presence in St. Louis. Coordinating activities and incorporating them into the conference was an added benefit and increased the value of travelling to the conference and spending several days away from the office.”

— 2017 Conference Attendee

Offutt Air Force Base provides worldwide reconnaissance, command and control, and combat support critical to warfighting commanders and national leadership. USSTRATCOM combines the synergy of the U.S. legacy nuclear command and control mission with responsibility for space operations; global strike; global missile defense; and global command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR).

• 10 miles south of Downtown Omaha

• 10,000 military & civilian employees

• Host to 55th Wing, Air Combat Command’s largest wing with a budget of more than $477 million annually

• USSTRATCOM Global Operations Center contains the critical information management and communication systems which provide the commander an assured capability to manage forces worldwide

• Headquarters location for the Air Force’s premier weather wing, the 557th WW provides world-class weather support and decision superiority to commanders and warfighters.

Technologies of Interest for Offutt AFB and USSTRATCOM

  • ISR
  • Space and Cyberspace
  • Defensive and Offensive Cyber Space Technologies
  • Nuclear Command and Control (NC3)
  • Intelligence, Space, IT, Cyber Software Development
  • Multi Domain Command and Control
  • Linguistics