Submission Deadline: June 11, 2024

Completion and submission of this form does not guarantee you a speaking slot at the conference. If your topic and expertise are a good match for the agenda, you will be contacted for further information. If you are ultimately chosen, you will be sent relevant speaker information.

Please note that speaking opportunities are voluntary. You will not be paid or reimbursed for any travel/lodging.

Helpful hints when preparing your submission:

  • If your submission or presentation reads like a sales pitch or overt promotion of your company, products, or services, you will not be selected.
  • Abstracts are evaluated by committee using a process where all company names and specific products are removed from the abstracts before review. Please keep this in mind when writing your abstracts.
  • If you have submitted abstracts in the past that were not selected, take the time to make updates to your abstract. Resubmitting the same past abstract will most likely yield the same results..
  • Be innovative. Look ahead and think big. Present solutions to problems in the operating environment that the government/military have yet to encounter.