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TimeBriefing TitleSpeaker
0900(U) IntroductionsKateri Garcia & Steve Ramberg, NGA
0910(U) TAW Overview and Panel (3D at the Tactical Edge)TAW
0930(U) NGA and The Army: A Case Study in 3D GEOINT Collaboration within GRiDLesley Pearson, USACE CRREL; Christopher Clasen, NGA; Ryan McAlinden, Army Futures Command (AFC)
1010(U) UAS Automated Metadata for GRiD IntegrationMark Laurri, NGA
1030(U) Microsoft TerrainPatrick McGee, Microsoft
1100(U) NGA Source Foundation Supporting Real World Simulations Randi Lisk, NGA
1120(U) Foundation Feature Data AutomationHilary McGown, NGA
1140(U) The GeoData Cooperative - Individual Commitment To A Group Effort Karen Diener, NGA
1200(U) Wearable Devices for Indoor Mapping Carole Politi, TRX Systems, Inc.
1220(U) CitySeer: Research on Urban Morphology and Categorization Eliza Bradley, Penn State University/Applied Research Lab
1230(U) Keynote SpeakerMG Cleveland, NGA
1300(U) 3D Steering Committee UpdateTodd Johanesen, NGA
1330Lunch Break
1350(U) HR3D Study OutbriefJacob Graul, NGA
1410(U) 3D Interpretability Scale PrototypeDan Newland, Aerospace Corp.
1430(U) Synchronous Geiger Mode Camera DiscussionUS Army Futures Command CCDC C5ISR NVESD
1450(U) Registration Solution for Tactical 3D GEOINTJonathan Regan, NGA
1510(U) Ship Construction & Design: A Photogrammetrist’s PerspectiveWilliam Kinsky, NGA
1530(U) GSET and VTS for Testing Sensor ModelsHank Theiss, Centauri
1550(U) Lidar Point Uncertainty: Unrealized Potential or Academic Curiosity?Preston Hartzell, University of Houston
1610(U) Automating Video & Image Processing with FfmpegBrian Hoard, NGA
1625(U) Leveraging Open Source Tools for 3D VisualizationAmecia Starks, NGA
1640(U) 3D Reconstruction of Captured VesselJeff Stahl, Joint Interagency Task Force South
1700(U) Satellite Computed Bathymetry Assessment Monique Walker, NGA
1720(U) Flight Test Imagery from a 3-D 256x256 Linear Mode Camera Integrated into an AN/AAQ-28 Litening PodBrian Stadler, Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate
Delivering 3D Data to Customers
Shaping the Future through Innovation
Analyzing and Visualizing the Future
Application of Photogrammetry into the Future