Location: WebEx Events
Classification Level: Unclassified

TimeBriefing TitleSpeaker
0900(U) IntroductionsKateri Garcia & Steve Ramberg, NGA
0910(U) Spatial Computing & the Future of 3D Tradecraft in an Ubiquitously Mapped WorldAsh Richeter, In-Q-Tel
0930(U) Got a Drone - Now What? Mapping with your UAVKris Berglund, Blue Marble Geographics
0950(U) Multi-Aperture Space-Based High Resolution LidarWilliam Allen, Hexagon US Federal
1010(U) Revolutionary New Optical Beam Steering TechnologiesPaul McManamon, Exciting Technologies, LLC
1030(U) Phased-Array Lidar on a Chip: DARPA's Modular Optical Aperture Building Blocks (MOABB) ProgramJustin Cohen, SETA support to DARPA/Booz Allen Hamilton
1100(U) Aligning Mission’s need with Geospatial Acquisition Technologies: The New Hybrid Product Approach Qassim Abdullah, Woolpert, Inc.
1120(U) Auto Lidar Benchmarking StandardsPaul McManamon, Exciting Technologies, LLC
1140Lunch Break
1250(U) Close Range Photogrammetry and 3D Mensuration Benjamin Vander Jagt, PixElement
1310(U) Building Smarter 3D Meshes – Combining LiDAR and Photogrammetry Technologies to Improve Relative and Absolute Accuracy, Reduce Occlusions, and Classify 3D MeshesEatay Ben, Shechter, Skyline Software Systems, Inc.
1330(U) Adaptations of GPM for Mesh Format DataBarry Tilton, Vricon Systems, LLC
1350(U) Geospatial 3D Model Conversion and Transmission: A Comparison of Open Standards and Software Matt Leotta, Kitware, Inc.
1420(U) Empowering the Archaeological Geospatial Revolution in Mesoamerica with LidarCraig Glennie, University of Houston
1440(U) NASA's ICESat-2 Mission Lori Magruder, University of Texas at Austin and Tom Neumann, NASA GSFC
1500(U) Bathy Lidar Object Detection - What is Possible with Latest Generation Sensors?Carol Lockhart, Woolpert, Inc.
1520(U) Automating the Analysis of 3D Point Clouds through Scalable AIJohn Dombzalski, Enview
1540(U) Spire Federal: Weather Forecasting Solutions for the GlobeMark Carhart, Spire Federal
1600(U) Exploring 3D data with Esri TechnologyMatt Berra, Esri
1620(U) Adaptive 3D Point Cloud Compression Using Reasoning over Semantic Content Bogden Matei, SRI International
1640(U) Seamless Merging of Topographic and Bathymetric Point Clouds John Morgan, Penn State University/Applied Research Lab
Enabling Multi-Sensor GEOINT Through 3D Data Standards
Shaping Future Collection Technologies
Partnering to Build the New 3D Tradecraft
Application of Photogrammetry into the Future