Personal and sensitive information must be submitted online, in accordance to deadlines, for each representative exhibiting for your company. You are allotted two (2) primary representatives, and two (2) alternate representatives, in the event that a last-minute emergency would prohibit the primary representative(s) from attending. If this information is not submitted in accordance to the deadlines, you will not be guaranteed access to the event.

The deadline for submitting security and equipment information online is Friday, July 19, 2019.

To pick up your visitor badge and get your equipment inspected you must enter through the Visitor Center. All visitors will need to park at the Visitor Center. A special parking form and instructions will be emailed to confirmed registrants approximately one week before the event.


If you will be bringing electronic equipment with you, you must complete the Equipment Form. Submit completed Equipment Forms to Devin Foss at foss@ncsi.com or fax 443-561-2431.


  • Cell Phones/Blackberries
  • PED’s/PDA’s
  • Audio or Video Recording Equipment
  • Cameras
  • Two Way Pagers
  • Wireless/Bluetooth Devices
  • Tile Key Finder or other wireless tracking devices
  • Media (Disks, DVDs, CDs, etc.)
  • Thumb Drives/Memory Sticks
  • iPods/Mp3 Players
  • Firearms
  • Illegal Substances
  • Fitness Tracking Devices