Base Access

Visitors without a CAC

Visitors without a CAC must be vetted through Joint Base Charleston (JB CHS) for base access prior to NIWC Atlantic Facility Access being granted. A retiree ID or dependent ID will not work for access.

JB CHS requires all visitors without a CAC to submit a JBC Form 111 (Base Access Form). The form lists acceptable types of identification. Return your completed form and copy of acceptable form of identification (front & back) to Danielle Sanders at no later than October 6, 2023. If you do not submit your form by Friday, October 6, 2023, you will not be granted access to the classified breakout sessions.

Section III: Sponsor Information complete with: Denise Sutsko, Navy, 843-218-6369

Your name will be on an IAL base access list. You will be able to proceed through Gate 4 and let the guards know that you are on the IAL for an event at the NIWC Conference Center.

Visitors with a CAC

Visitors who have a CAC can proceed directly through Gate 4.

Directions to Conference Center

You will enter Joint Base Charleston through Gate 4*. Gate 4 address is approx. 1101 Remount Road, Hanahan, SC 29406 (Cross the train tracks and the gate is on the left) which is about 10 minutes/6 miles from Charleston International Airport and the Convention Center. This address will get you to the building just before Gate 4. Once you go through the gate DO NOT continue to follow your GPS, this is just to get you to the gate which does not have its own address.

Once through the gate, proceed about 1/2 of a mile, and the conference center will be the first building on your right. You can park in any of the spaces on either side of the conference center. The 2023 DoD IT & Cybersecurity Summit Classified Breakout Sessions will be held in Building 3112. Enter through the north entrance of Building 3112.

NIWC visitor badges will be available in the front of the building on the day you are assigned to attend. You will only have a badge available on the day you have preregistered to attend if you have passed your clearance.  Please do not try to switch days, you will be denied access.

*Attendees without a CAC must submit a JBC Form 111 to be added to the base access list by October 6th.  This must be done in advance and by the 10/6 deadline. See instructions above “Visitors without a CAC”.

Parking and Base Map

Parking will be located on either side of Building 3112.

NIWC South Annex Map_Visitor 3-19 (002)

Passing Security Clearances

In order to gain access to the secret breakout sessions taking place on Joint Base Charleston at NIWC, you must pass your security clearance. Please carefully follow the instructions below and pass your clearance no later than October 6, 2023. You will receive a NIWC badge (in addition to your Summit badge) on the day that you are scheduled to attend classified sessions. The day you participate in classified sessions is selected during your registration. Please make sure you are fully registered for the Summit BEFORE you pass your clearance to NIWC. Attendees must be registered to attend the Summit to participate in the classified breakout sessions.

Classified Visitor Authorization Request (VAR)

Visiting personnel require a valid visit request submission either via DISS or fax when requesting SECRET access to NIWC Atlantic facilities. Only a SECRET clearance is required for these breakout sessions.

A VAR must be submitted to the SMO code below. Hand carried visit requests will not be accepted.

SECRET submit:


Example of a DISS Request Required Information

  • Conference/Meeting Name: 2023 DoD SAP IT & Cybersecurity Summit
  • Security Management Office – SMO Code of site:
  • Arrival/Departure Dates of your visit: October 23-27, 2023
  • Visit/Event Point of Contact name and phone or email address: Tracy Dayton-Musiol, 843-412-2456,
  • Purpose of the Visit: DoD SAP IT & Cybersecurity Summit Classified Breakout Sessions
  • Clearance level required at the site: SECRET

NIWC Atlantic Security Office Contact Information

To confirm the receipt of your VAR call the NIWC security office at 843-218-6886 and reference DoD SAP IT Summit.

Access Control: 843-218-6886
Functional mailbox:
Fax: 843-218-4045
Location: Building 3451 on Brig Road
Hours: Monday – Friday, 0700 – 1500

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited in NIWC facilities. Please secure any of these items outside of the building in your personal vehicle.

  • All wireless and/or Bluetooth devices & peripherals
  • Cell phones, smart-watches, Fitbits, fitness trackers, medical devices – anything that is Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth enabled
  • Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs)
  • Audio/voice & video recorders/cameras
  • Classified and Unclassified IT (unless approved ISSM via a cybersecurity deviation) – this includes UNCLASS work laptops
  • Personal Bags, computer bags, purses, etc.
  • Note taking is prohibited – If individuals were to take notes they must be reviewed by a SME for classified information. If notes contain classified information, they must be marked as working papers and handled as such.
  • Items stored immediately outside the venue must be powered off

FAQs for JB Charleston and NIWC

  • Can I take an Uber, rideshare, or taxi to the base?
    • Ubers will not be allowed past the gate. If you use an Uber/rideshare service, you must have someone available to pick you up at the gate to get you to the conference center.
  • Can I carpool or ride along with someone else to get onto base?
    • Yes, you can. Please make sure that all passengers in the vehicle either have CACs or are on the IAL for base access. Only attendees registered to participate in their specific assigned day will be allowed access to the conference center.
  • I signed up for the breakout sessions on Tuesday, but now I would like to switch to Wednesday, can I make that change?
    • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate date changes. Due to the complexity of such a large group, passing clearances, and content being repeated, we can only accommodate the exact registrants for each day. Unclassified sessions are still available at the convention center, and you are welcome to attend those at any point.
  • Can I take notes during the classified sessions?
    • No, no classified note taking is allowed. The event is not setup to allow for handing and transport of classified materials.